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   Welcome to Nirdhan Samaj Party of India


SINGLE BANK: On each 1000 voter village or ward RBI approved banks with ATM will be opened. These banks will operate 24X7. All the employee of these banks will be directly appointed from RBI. 80 lakh to 1 crore unemployed people will be get direct or indirect employment.  Locals of village and ward will be employed in these branches. All bank employees will be made RBI employee with immediate effect, Manager of these branches will be assigned to open bank in nearby areas to generate employment of the local unemployed youth leading to employment of youth and removal of residential problem for bank employees. Job near home

SINGLE BANK ACCOUNT: Each voter will be provided with zero balance bank account, passbook and credit card will be given within 1 month. Credit limit will be evaluated on base of person’s property and income. This will be achieved within 90 days of government formation. These card will help to reduce the time and hassle of person to procure loan. 70% of invested property will be always available on credit card. Half of husband’s income will automatically be credited in his wife’s account. In case of marriage after divorce, bank will stop depositing women’s account with previous husband income and start it from new husband’s income.

SINGLE PHONE: Each voter will be provided with a free roaming activated mobile phone by government. Handset will be equipped with micro ATM. Biometrics process will be used for identification for making call and banking. Charges will be applicable on all calls made. It will be mandatory for every voter to vote through SMS by this phone at time of election. This will lead to clean and transparent election procedure.  Public money will not be wasted in election. Whole election process will end in mere 10 days. Money transaction will start on phone. Cash will not be required. But cash will not be stopped but form of the money will be changed. Registered currency make  cheque  as notes

SINGLE CURRENCY : Money is solely responsible for all the corruption and crime in this world. To eradicate crime and corruption its necessary to change form of money .NSP (I) after winning election will stop the printing of currency within one hour. Whole public has full faith in Reserve bank’s cheque  .So printed notes and coin will be stopped and cheque  will be provided from ATM and Bank branch via credit card as currency to account holders. It will be available as per requirement in ATM and Bank branches 24hours.This will be known as registered currency.  All people will be asked to submit available currency and black money in nearest branch within 90 days.  No tax and charges will be levied on submission of black money within 90 days. But on submission of currency after 90 days tax will be levied. Robbery, loot and corruption will get removed 100% .

“Registered currency “ in – Corruption out. Registered currency cheque will run like notes 

SINGLE TAX: All different type of taxes available now will be changed to a single tax. All taxes like road tax , octroi tax , sales tax , tax on purchase of any product , Income tax , Excise tax VAT , TIN , Education Tax, Professional tax , House tax , wealth tax will be stopped. Above 15 lakhs of money in account defined percentage of tax will be directly debited from account and send to tax department. Tax evasion will be totally end and no other tax will be levied. Tax deducted from  account save country from loss .


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  • बिहार विधान सभा चुनाव में चायनीत उम्मीदवार उतारे जा रहें हैं। 
  • उत्तर प्रदेश विधान सभा 2017 में 400 उम्मीदवार सभी सीटों के लिये उतारे जायेगे ।
  • प्रत्याशीता हेतू आवेदन पत्र आमंत्रित पर भेजे